Interior design trends undergo changes every season. Best interior designers Dubai are constantly coming up with new and innovative styles and decors to come up with environs that are stylish, sophisticated and glamorous while being comfortable, inviting and functional at the same time.
For the future, top-notch interior designers have their own favourites when it comes to materials, colours, textures, patterns and the room design. Metals are hot favourites in the contemporary design schemes and they will be joined by natural, handcrafted materials for furniture, upholstery, curtains, etc. Colour palettes will veer towards serene airy tones like soft pinks, pastels, light metals and neutral shades, while the rich and warmer tones of deep reds and blues will stand out on their own for specific schemes.
In patterns, there will be greater experimentation but geometric motifs will rule the roost. Metallic layering is also coming up in a big way. Focus on symmetry ay give way to more eclectic textures. Even for the room design, the focus will be on clean lines, basic forms, and custom design.
One trend that has recently taken centre stage but will continue to retain its hold on the design scene is that of organic glamour. Natural materials like wood, cork, metals (particularly brass and copper), cottons, jute fibres and more of this kind are going to dominate decor themes for homes and offices alike as people and designers will look to go green and do their bit for the environment.
Whatever turns the trends may take timeless elegance will always be the look that all designers will strive for. Like the famed palace interiors Dubai, opulence and grandeur on a scale that is gracious and never tacky will be the inspiration that cuts across different themes.
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